Safety Parameters In Demolition

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So in our latest blog, we talked about some basic introductory things in regards to demolition. Basically everything mentioned in that post, was focusing more on the consumer that is debating the need of a demolition VS a remodeling construction project. I won’t repeat myself in today’s blog by mentioning what we discussed yesterday.

Today’s article will focus more on the contractor: the demolition company to take part in the project.
And today’s topic is safety.¬†Note that although what I am about to say will focus on the demolition professionals, you – the home owner – ¬†keep an eye out to make sure your demolition guy is aware of these basic parameters of safety. As an article I read the other day suggests, more and more constructions are taking place in 2017. So consumers need to be aware of sloppy and lazy construction companies.


So let’s jump right in…

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