Demolition That Makes Some Sense

So, a couple days ago I was reading a report on some homes being demolished because of a water line cracking beneath the earth, under those homes creating a sink hole. This area of construction is in the sewage and water damage side of things and it’s quite an interesting thing that has been happening these last few days.

You remember how I talked about in some other post about government getting in our lives and determining what building should be demolished or not? I was very critical of people that use the excuse of “heritage” and “culture” to keep on preserving old buildings that no longer are supposed to be standing (and pose a threat towards people) but should rather be demolished to the ground. That would provide the opportunity to create something brand new, with new technology and new materials that would last 80 years or so.

Well, in this case and this story I can totally agree with any government involvement in taking down those homes. People need to understand living there, that their life is at stake and they absolutely need to get down there to fix the problem so it doesn’t spread into other homes of their neighborhoods. I am sure, that the local government and philanthropic institutes, are going to help fund their new homes or at least provide them with some financial assistance. In any case, those homes needed to be demolished because there would be a danger of collapse. And say the building was empty, then no big deal. But imagine someone living in there, and suddenly the house gets sucked down into a giant hole (as we’ve seen happen over and over again.) So kudos to the people that took action here, and a lot of hope and wishes sent over to the people that had to live in this unfortunate situation of basically losing their homes, right under their feet.

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Another bureaucratic phony arrest on demolition

You remember I told you yesterday  about the nonsense and illegal intervention of the Melbourne government officials in a demolition of a vacant piece of property? I also stated that these type of bureaucratic involvements are crossing over to our end of the world also. That demolition contractor I told you about in yesterday’s article, said that it’s getting bad for the US also. Well…I’m passing on to you a report I read earlier this morning (from ABC news) in regards to a property owner who decided to demolish his own home.

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