Another bureaucratic phony arrest on demolition

You remember I told you yesterday  about the nonsense and illegal intervention of the Melbourne government officials in a demolition of a vacant piece of property? I also stated that these type of bureaucratic involvements are crossing over to our end of the world also. That demolition contractor I told you about in yesterday’s article, said that it’s getting bad for the US also. Well…I’m passing on to you a report I read earlier this morning (from ABC news) in regards to a property owner who decided to demolish his own home.

The story repeats itself: They are going after him, because he didn’t get the permits, he didn’t follow the bureaucracy, he didn’t cave into the left wing legislators that want to go back to the cave years. I just wanted to quote a few things from the article, and most importantly from what the council said.

By the way, in case I didn’t make this clear: This also took place in Australia, but not Melbourne – some other place. People must be doing some pretty nasty drugs over there – that’s the only reasonable explanation, frankly.

Here’s an interesting quote: “Not only did the owner carry out this work without obtaining any approvals, he disregarded the cease work direction of a council officer,”

It’s funny because people there think that the government can go in and do whatever they please to. No regard for private property, private ownership or their people. Is Australia turning into a communist country like North Korea? I’ll tell you, the only place you get such great penalties for doing whatever you want in your private life, is in communist countries. Not even socialist countries! Based on what I’m seeing, communism seems to be worse than fascism. Or are these 2 really the same? I mean in alt right governments, at least the government won’t go after its own people, as much as go after other nationalities. But in Communism you see these people attacking and just doing harm to their own people. Today, it’s in the news that North Korea’s dictator executed 4-5 government officials just for the sake of it.

So tell me again how the left is going to make our lives safer? Don’t get me wrong, the point of this blog isn’t to get into politics and such discussions. But I can not sit back and say nothing about something that is clearly wrong. 

Getting back to our demolition story (’cause that’s the interesting part,) the poor home owner will probably be banned from doing any construction on his home for 10 years! So not only are they leaving the project in the middle of things (as it hasn’t been fully demolished) but they also don’t allow him to build anything new there. How can the government tell me what to do and what not to do with my own property? This is worse than communism or fascism. Quite frankly, I don’t know what to call this! Maybe let’s call it Australianism. This poor guy, will not be able to build anything in the place of the semi demolished building. So they are basically taking his property away is what they are doing to him. Oh and by the way, do you think they will stop collecting property taxes? Hell no! 

What a ripoff…

I can tell you, one of my life plans for the near future was to visit Australia. It used to have a good name, but not anymore. No wonder President Trump had a dispute over the telephone with Australia’s leader. Those guys over there are nuts! Maybe it is because they are descendants of exported criminals. Who knows….

Oh and by the way, I happen to have many Australian friends and even colleagues – because of project we do there. They are wonderful people. It’s Australia’s government that is a mess. Having said that though, how come the people there aren’t waking up and voting them out of office? Why are they putting up with this nonsense? I honestly don’t have a single idea. Hopefully – for the sake of Australians – something changes over there quickly!

Thanks for tuning in today, and come back for more.

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