News Alert – Illegal Demolition – Contractors Fined

I promised you from day one, that we would only bring you fresh news in our industry of demolition. So I woke up this morning, and as I was preparing breakfast, I read an article about some developers in Australia being fined a handsome amount because of a demolition of an Irish pub. According to the news report, this took place in October of 2016 and the reason they were accused of illegal activity, was because they didn’t have a permit for the deconstruction of the historic pub. It is mentioned by the council that:
“they were accused of demolishing the building without a permit ignoring a stop-work order, and carrying out demolition work while unregistered and in breach of planning laws.”

Now I get the first few parts on this: no permit, ignoring a stop work order etc. But seriously, breach of planning laws? What kind of bureaucratic society are the Australians living in? I can tell you people, that is called socialism and it ain’t good. Not only that, but the mayor demanded the historic pub be rebuilt. So get this guys: you own a place and decide you want to tear it down. Not only are you not allowed to do that on your own property, but once it’s done: you need to re-build it for the sake of public entertainment. Are you kidding me? 

I reached out to a good friend of mine asking for his opinion on this. He does a lot of demolition work in Atlanta. In fact here’s his website:

So I asked him what he thought about this. “Jonathan” he says, “unfortunately these are some of the issues we face even in the US. The latest legal actions against developers and contractors that have took  place, just make it impossible to get any work done.”

What kind of idiots are running Australia? This incident actually took place in Melbourne. I mean we are talking about government control here guys. This is equivalent to communism! And if this is happening in the states as well, we are doomed. I won’t even mention the jobs argument and the fact that so many people are going to not be able to work on the construction sites because they are being shut down. But the two developers (who once again: owned the property) are going to be fined up to $1 million. And then they wonder why economies are dying and unemployment is going up. Because there isn’t enough liberty in our daily lives. The government is so arrogant and thinks they know what’s best for you. So they come in, screw your life up and expect you to vote for them come election time. I don’t like repeating myself, but for these morons I’ll say it again: what kind of idiots are running Australia?

I’ll tell you, hate or love the new administration in the US, at least there won’t be such nonsense taking place. Construction is the sole foundation for so many jobs. Construction is what builds a country. What’s the big deal with taking down a pub that you own? Historic significance? It’s my pub!

I am getting upset even more with this story, because these arrogant local politicians that haven’t created a single job in their life time (unless via the form of a favor,) keep on saying more things against the developers: “We want to ensure that the message is very clear, that if you are going to, illegally in our view, demolish this building there will be repercussions for that.”

Your view? Your view doesn’t mean squat! Your job is to make sure jobs are growing, the people are being served and you are cutting back on regulation. Not only does this act of hate on growth, destroy the project of these 2 developers: it cuts the wings of any other developer or demolition company that wants to do something similar. Oh and by the way, here is the double standard: you are allowed to demolish such buildings, if you’ve contributed to the political campaigns and have taken care of your politician. This is communism! And no contractor (construction or deconstruction) should have to accept this.

We have it good in the states as it isn’t that bad. But as my friend suggested, it isn’t great either. Contractors need to jump through loop holes (like circus animals) to get the job done and push forward with the project. Construction is tough as it is on its own. So why make it tougher? Why make it difficult for these companies to do their job and create something beautiful out of it? I guess these politicians want to see buildings similar to what communist Bulgaria and Albania had. Well, you’re going to get there. Don’t worry about it. Unless of course you are not re-elected (which I hope you’re not.)

Forgive my temper…I guess I can’t deal with idiots, that’s all. Debate me all you want, you know there is a lot of truth in what I’m saying. Our society is going south…worldwide. But most importantly in the US also!

Come back later for some more interesting reads and findings off the Internet for our industry: demolition.

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