What If? (part 2)

In our latest post it was mentioned that Israeli’s have started demolishing illegal homes at the West Bank (Palestinian homes) and I came to you guys with the dilemma and debate of: what do you do, when say you are the demolition company that needs to carry on with the order?

Well, it was bugging me even more after I wrote yesterday’s article so I decided to dig into this a little bit more. This may get slightly political so if you aren’t into that kind of stuff, you are welcome to leave now. I listened to an interview of Naftali Bennett, the current minister of education for Israel and his take on the issue. In that interview, the reporter constantly asked him the question: if you were born an Arab  (all politics and religions aside) could you not see how the Arabs see it when Israel is forcing them out of their homes? When I first listened to the question, I was like: now let’s see Mr. Bennett get out of that one. But he actually did in a way that was just amazing. Mr. Bennett is a very charismatic debater and negotiator, I can tell you that.

So the way he responded to that question was basically that they are only forcing them out of their homes because those are illegal structures. He continued by saying that if something illegal is built in Jerusalem, again demolition companies will go in destroy those buildings. Also what Mr. Bennett did that I though was amazing, was quote the Bible’s take on which land belongs to Israel. I think nowadays, people have drifted away from God and the Bible in general. People think it’s just another hoax, probably as a way to manipulate people. But in fact, we do need to understand that the Bible isn’t just a religious book (the greatest one in my opinion) but it is also is a History book. It basically outlines all the history of the Jews and even contains prophesies that have been and are being fulfilled in these days we live in. Now I know that your common atheist can not take that as a good argument against the Palestinians. But to that I say, tough!

The land of Israel is the land of Israel, and not only that, but Arab countries have so much land. The only reason they want to expand so much, is because they hate the Jews. I mean come on people: most of the nations on the face of the earth have been hating Jews for so many centuries. Don’t look too far back – go back to Nazi Germany or even the Russian communists that slaughtered so many Jews. I mean Jews have always been the target, because of their faith. And Islam has been a very strong part of the genocide attempt taking place this very moment. All the problems in the Middle East have been caused because of radical Islam and the extremity of the Islamic religion. We obviously welcome all religions and everyone has the right to believe in what and who he likes. But a religion that celebrates violence, to me is a dangerous religion. 

It’s so sad that Israelis need to die left and right, to protect the land they so much own and deserve and the land God gave them. Again: it’s not like the Arabs don’t have enough land already. Getting back to the interview, Mr. Bennett made a very interesting suggestion (which has been mentioned by the Prime Minister of Israel also): why don’t the neighboring countries gang up together – become allies against ISIS? I mean they have a common enemy and ISIS is a common threat for so many nations around there – not just Israel. So why don’t they for once put their differences behind and start knocking the hell out of ISIS? I think they could make a wonderful team. Not only that, but when they do that, they will get control of a lot of the oil ISIS has. So they can then distribute that wealth in their own countries. I mean, if only people learned to work together instead of against each other.

Think of the example of a demolition contractor working hand in hand with an architect or civil engineer. He can not carry on the job on his own: he needs the expertise from the engineers to make sure the building goes down in pieces without hurting anyone. Imagine that building being ISIS: just bomb the hell out of them and make sure there are as few casualties as possible.

I enjoyed this article today – finally got some things off my chest that I wanted to talk about for so long. I welcome all questions and debate challenges. See you later.

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