What If?

I was reading the other day some news about Israel demolishing Palestinian structures and homes – the common disputes they have there in the Middle East. As I have said elsewhere, whatever is happening around the world that involves our industry (construction as a whole) I will be reporting about. It’s important that we stay focused on our daily jobs and projects, however understanding what is taking place in the world will help us better perceive the world we live in.

So regarding the news report I read, it isn’t something new. We know that crazy things have been going on over there, and both sides keep on battling for property. The one side claims it’s the God given land, while the other side that doesn’t really believe in God, doesn’t want to recognize Israel as an independent state. I am not going to get political. Reading that news report, I thought to myself: what if I was that guy performing the demolition on those homes? Would I be able to carry on?

Think about it: You are being ordered (most likely by the government) to go in and tear buildings down. Buildings that host families. Yes enemy families, but still families. How strong of a character would one need to have to say “I’ll do this sir.” I mean you are talking about putting people in a really tough spot. Now the Israeli side will say: they have been putting us in a tough situation for so many centuries. And that indeed is true! However we are still talking about young children and families. Let’s say you were in the US and there was an order to take down a house that was foreclosed but there were people that needed to live there. Would you do that and turn it into an empty parking lot? These are moral conflicts for the people with the greatest morals, that unfortunately don’t have an end. On the one hand, you want to obey your superiors, but on the other hand you want to do what’s right.

Once that building goes down into pieces of concrete and brick, it’s done. Unfortunately when the damage is done, you can’t do anything about it. So we should always think twice (I believe) in these tough situations.

Another example would be the demolition of a museum or park that has historic significance. On the one hand, the real estate development company tells you to go in and destroy everything but on the other hand people keep on crying out about the historic significance of the building etc. What are you going to do? To make things easier for you, I don’t think there is a right or wrong. It is your job, to do a good job. So when someone pays you to demolish a building, you need to do that. Fortunately in the US we have laws that protect us from insane decisions and actions. So as long as you are following the rule of law, you are fine. And whatever people keep on whining about that, well would they rather stay homeless and not have affordable housing?

Keep your head up high. Many times you are in dilemmas but always make sure you are working based on the laws of your country. You do that, and you won’t have people coming after you for destroying their livelihoods. You are completely protected. Best of luck and thank you for spending the time to read another one of my blogs. Many more to come in the next few weeks.


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