Introductory post – demolition description

Hey guys!

Thank you for joining us on our first official and valuable article in this site’s life. As you probably know, we are just getting started on building a blog that is going to be bringing you all demolition news, construction related events etc, to your attention.

Before we get into this though, let’s talk briefly about the type of construction we will be mentioning, not only now but also in upcoming posts.

So there is a wide range of the type of construction work companies can do: from building up new projects and buildings, to remodeling existing buildings or even deconstructing all these to put up something brand new in place. In this post today, we will be talking about demolition and the whole deconstruction process (from A to Z), which will be useful for people to have in their tool belt, to make better decisions. Everyone once in a while has been in a dilemma regarding remodeling or “burning to the ground” and starting fresh again. There are actually a few pros and cons for each selection. So hopefully in today’s blog, we can give you enough info to make a mature decision you won’t be regretting months down the road.

Pros Of Demolition

I guess the greatest advantage when deciding to demolish a building, or a room and then put something new in its place, is that you can start from scratch: you do not need to mess around the designs, worrying about whether you are being too sloppy and making a bad combination of construction materials etc. Also demolishing a house wall for example, can allow you to completely format the size and geometry of it all. So it’s like having a scrap piece of paper filled with ink, and instead of trying to erase that ink, you just cut off that page. You have a brand new page, a brand new story to talk about. That is I guess kind of the greatest advantage one can see in demolition. Also, for all you entertainers out there (or better off, you people that love being entertained), being at a demolition site is a fun experience. It’s almost as if watching a large successful concert with all the pyrotechs etc. Only in this case, you don’t have the million dollar rock band taking the stage, but rather some common every day workers taking the construction down, inch by inch.

Cons Of Demolition

If you make a mistake, you can’t come back and fix it. The moment you tear down that building or wall (whether with explosives or excavators,) you are pretty much done with it and the ultimate site will be as if a bomb hit that place. So there is no space for “oops I’m sorry.” Also, when deciding to demolish a construction, you can have so many flying pieces of concrete or asbestos which makes it dangerous not only for the people nearby, but also other buildings in the neighborhood. Wouldn’t it be bad to decide to demolish a home, and then a flying piece lands on the next door neighbor’s roof making a big hole he’ll have to fix?

Also, deconstruction is really really dirty: there is so much dust everywhere, so much junk in the air and frankly is a bad bad site to watch. So if you ever decide to demolish anything, make sure you aren’t actually present. Not only that, but when you tear down a building, you feel kind of sad inside of you. Most of the times, there are some pretty happy memories that come with homes, so when those go down, so do your memories. You feel as if a part of you dies with the building. And I am not trying to become romantic or anything…it’s just the truth. Think of when you try and get rid of things: you struggle. You are like: well I need this, and I love that. Same thing with a home. It’s a tough decision. But then of course, you can always put something new in its place and you will be fantasizing about it. I guess it is really a balance between the two, and you will need to find that balance.

If you are making the decision with other family members or even your spouse, make sure everyone feels comfortable with it. Because as I said before: there are no re-runs. Once that is done, it’s done. And then you have a mess you got to clean up (debris and all.) Demolitions can also get very noisy. And I am not asking you to think of those Las Vegas constructions that are being bombed to the ground (as seen in the video below.) I am just saying that the physical presence of an excavator can be extremely noisy, tearing down the construction, wall by wall. Not that remodeling or renovating would be any less noise. But at least there you are building and there is more hope in that.

Due to the fact that this is a new post, I won’t say much more or try to beat a dead horse. It is your decision and you need to make one that will make sense to you not only today, but also in the distant and not so distant future. If you got any questions, just ask.

Good luck!



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