Demolition That Makes Some Sense

So, a couple days ago I was reading a report on some homes being demolished because of a water line cracking beneath the earth, under those homes creating a sink hole. This area of construction is in the sewage and water damage side of things and it’s quite an interesting thing that has been happening these last few days.

You remember how I talked about in some other post about government getting in our lives and determining what building should be demolished or not? I was very critical of people that use the excuse of “heritage” and “culture” to keep on preserving old buildings that no longer are supposed to be standing (and pose a threat towards people) but should rather be demolished to the ground. That would provide the opportunity to create something brand new, with new technology and new materials that would last 80 years or so.

Well, in this case and this story I can totally agree with any government involvement in taking down those homes. People need to understand living there, that their life is at stake and they absolutely need to get down there to fix the problem so it doesn’t spread into other homes of their neighborhoods. I am sure, that the local government and philanthropic institutes, are going to help fund their new homes or at least provide them with some financial assistance. In any case, those homes needed to be demolished because there would be a danger of collapse. And say the building was empty, then no big deal. But imagine someone living in there, and suddenly the house gets sucked down into a giant hole (as we’ve seen happen over and over again.) So kudos to the people that took action here, and a lot of hope and wishes sent over to the people that had to live in this unfortunate situation of basically losing their homes, right under their feet.

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Another bureaucratic phony arrest on demolition

You remember I told you yesterday  about the nonsense and illegal intervention of the Melbourne government officials in a demolition of a vacant piece of property? I also stated that these type of bureaucratic involvements are crossing over to our end of the world also. That demolition contractor I told you about in yesterday’s article, said that it’s getting bad for the US also. Well…I’m passing on to you a report I read earlier this morning (from ABC news) in regards to a property owner who decided to demolish his own home.

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News Alert – Illegal Demolition – Contractors Fined

I promised you from day one, that we would only bring you fresh news in our industry of demolition. So I woke up this morning, and as I was preparing breakfast, I read an article about some developers in Australia being fined a handsome amount because of a demolition of an Irish pub. According to the news report, this took place in October of 2016 and the reason they were accused of illegal activity, was because they didn’t have a permit for the deconstruction of the historic pub. It is mentioned by the council that:
“they were accused of demolishing the building without a permit ignoring a stop-work order, and carrying out demolition work while unregistered and in breach of planning laws.”

Now I get the first few parts on this: no permit, ignoring a stop work order etc. But seriously, breach of planning laws? What kind of bureaucratic society are the Australians living in? I can tell you people, that is called socialism and it ain’t good. Not only that, but the mayor demanded the historic pub be rebuilt. So get this guys: you own a place and decide you want to tear it down. Not only are you not allowed to do that on your own property, but once it’s done: you need to re-build it for the sake of public entertainment. Are you kidding me? 

I reached out to a good friend of mine asking for his opinion on this. He does a lot of demolition work in Atlanta. In fact here’s his website:

So I asked him what he thought about this. “Jonathan” he says, “unfortunately these are some of the issues we face even in the US. The latest legal actions against developers and contractors that have took  place, just make it impossible to get any work done.”

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What If? (part 2)

In our latest post it was mentioned that Israeli’s have started demolishing illegal homes at the West Bank (Palestinian homes) and I came to you guys with the dilemma and debate of: what do you do, when say you are the demolition company that needs to carry on with the order?

Well, it was bugging me even more after I wrote yesterday’s article so I decided to dig into this a little bit more. This may get slightly political so if you aren’t into that kind of stuff, you are welcome to leave now. I listened to an interview of Naftali Bennett, the current minister of education for Israel and his take on the issue. In that interview, the reporter constantly asked him the question: if you were born an Arab  (all politics and religions aside) could you not see how the Arabs see it when Israel is forcing them out of their homes? When I first listened to the question, I was like: now let’s see Mr. Bennett get out of that one. But he actually did in a way that was just amazing. Mr. Bennett is a very charismatic debater and negotiator, I can tell you that.

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What If?

I was reading the other day some news about Israel demolishing Palestinian structures and homes – the common disputes they have there in the Middle East. As I have said elsewhere, whatever is happening around the world that involves our industry (construction as a whole) I will be reporting about. It’s important that we stay focused on our daily jobs and projects, however understanding what is taking place in the world will help us better perceive the world we live in.

So regarding the news report I read, it isn’t something new. We know that crazy things have been going on over there, and both sides keep on battling for property. The one side claims it’s the God given land, while the other side that doesn’t really believe in God, doesn’t want to recognize Israel as an independent state. I am not going to get political. Reading that news report, I thought to myself: what if I was that guy performing the demolition on those homes? Would I be able to carry on?

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Taking care of what’s left on a demo site

In our latest post about demolition, we discussed some basic safety measures demolition companies should follow to in order to ensure a good working environment for the construction workers, along with civilians going by.

Today, I would like to talk about the part of the demolition process that starts right after the building comes down. I think it’s equally important to emphasize on tearing an apartment building down and leveling the property out afterwards with bulldozers. Many times people will focus on getting rid of those walls that they so much want to replace, or those stairs that need to be re-done. But what about the mess that is left behind? Obviously companies will go in with dumpsters to clean up all the debris left behind, however what is to happen with the land? Many times, there are so many materials left buried in the ground which means that it allows a sloppy foundation for the next structure to be put in place. Also, what about environmental concerns? I mean if you knock down a building – you sure will get some materials that aren’t supposed to be in the ground and the water system below it.

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Safety Parameters In Demolition

Hey everyone!

So in our latest blog, we talked about some basic introductory things in regards to demolition. Basically everything mentioned in that post, was focusing more on the consumer that is debating the need of a demolition VS a remodeling construction project. I won’t repeat myself in today’s blog by mentioning what we discussed yesterday.

Today’s article will focus more on the contractor: the demolition company to take part in the project.
And today’s topic is safety. Note that although what I am about to say will focus on the demolition professionals, you – the home owner –  keep an eye out to make sure your demolition guy is aware of these basic parameters of safety. As an article I read the other day suggests, more and more constructions are taking place in 2017. So consumers need to be aware of sloppy and lazy construction companies.


So let’s jump right in…

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Introductory post – demolition description

Hey guys!

Thank you for joining us on our first official and valuable article in this site’s life. As you probably know, we are just getting started on building a blog that is going to be bringing you all demolition news, construction related events etc, to your attention.

Before we get into this though, let’s talk briefly about the type of construction we will be mentioning, not only now but also in upcoming posts.

So there is a wide range of the type of construction work companies can do: from building up new projects and buildings, to remodeling existing buildings or even deconstructing all these to put up something brand new in place. In this post today, we will be talking about demolition and the whole deconstruction process (from A to Z), which will be useful for people to have in their tool belt, to make better decisions. Everyone once in a while has been in a dilemma regarding remodeling or “burning to the ground” and starting fresh again. There are actually a few pros and cons for each selection. So hopefully in today’s blog, we can give you enough info to make a mature decision you won’t be regretting months down the road.

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